3PL’s Good and Bad

Hey ecom store owners, I wanted to ask which 3PL's you use for your fulfillment? I've used Shipbob for almost a year and I'm absolutely jaded and so infuriated with them at this point that I'm actually making this post.

For anyone else using Shipbob, BEWARE of the "avg. transit time" they show in your dashboard. It is very misleading. If you were like me, you used their standard shipping option which was basically DHL eCommerce or UPS Mail Innovations. When using this option, there is a period of time when DHL is getting the package to the local USPS. Shipbob doesn't count any of that DHL time into their "avg. transit time" and only counts the time from USPS to the delivery address. This makes the average transit time look far better than it actually is. Once I dug into this further and realized my customers were waiting 8+ days on average for their packages, I was livid. I reached out to my CSM to switch over to USPS First Class instead of doing their standard DHL eComm shipping method. The cost to do this was through the roof, way higher than any of the competitor 3PL's I'd spoken to, and thus I decided I had to leave. I'm just bummed out I still have 10k+ units of inventory to get through with them before I can finally say goodbye for good.

Anyway, I'm asking if anyone can vouch for an actually good 3PL. Looking for suggestions, thanks.

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