DIY product recommendation quiz on your site?

Hey all, with COVID-19 changing many retail landscapes (including but not limited to availability of product), we are trying to find ways to help customers preshop as much as possible before entering out store. Last year we had relatively long lineups that could have been mitigated if customers had more tools to better prepare them before they entered the store.

So, I have been toying with creating a page on our website that would get information from customers on their preferences to guide them to specific product they should check out before they come down to our store. At the very least if it saves 5 minutes of conversation per customer it would be worth while.

Anyway, if anyone has developed or toyed around with the idea of setting something up – what ended up working for you?

I am just starting out looking into this, and was considering using Javascript to evaluate customer's responses to the questions (as they select from 3 or so choices per question) and then use that to direct them to a recommendation. Problem is that my knowledge of Javascript is minimal and I am lazy.

Most of the results I have found revolve around solutions that are much more complex than I need, or are extremely bloated to justify high pricing.


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