Easy post-purchase email sequence for your store

It’s easier to sell to people who’ve already bought from you because you’ve already gained their trust. Give them the incentive that they need and they will buy more from you.

The post-purchase sequence brings you the most amount of profit as every sale you make here are Repeat Purchases i.e no Ads.⁣

What it should have :

  1. Brand selling points
  2. Authority Signals
  3. Good old selling triggers (scarcity, urgency)
  4. Personalization
  5. Good brand positioning

Here’s a basic post-purchase Email sequence for your store :

Email #1 : Order confirmation and welcome them to the family. Tell them that you are happy to have them in the family and that’s why you’d like to give a x% discount for their next purchase for the next few days. Make the discount codes dynamic (refer to my past posts)

Email #1.5 (after 1 day): Resend to people who haven’t seen the first email

Email #2 (after 2 days) : Send them a reminder that their discount code is expiring but frame it in a way that makes it look non-sales-y.

Email #3 (after 1 day): Send a testimonial about the product you’re trying to upsell

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