How do you evaluate your product catalogue’s performance?

We recently realized that brands can only see whether a product in their catalogue performs well by looking at sales. However, as we all know, this is the last step in a long and convoluted and convoluted process – especially in social commerce.

On the other side (and this is my reason for asking), our platform generates thousands of people every day looking to shop (mostly clothing and accessories) that are similar to what our 2000+ influencers wear and post every day.

Without going to the mechanics, I'm curious to know: 1. How valuable is the below information? – knowing whether the products in your catalogue are close to what's trending on social media (% similarity) – comparing your products to those seen in relevant hashtags in order to see whether you are targeting these correctly? – understanding how each product performs when surrounded by competing, similar products from other brands like Asos, Schein, Nike, Adidas etc. – using live traffic of shoppers buying products similar to what an influencer posts, whether your products perform well – figuring out which influencer type is right for you (we don't disclose individual influencer data/info for privacy reasons)

  1. Are there 1-2 brands that would be willing to pilot this with us?

We make significant traffic from our adtech platform, but also believe that this could be an interesting service for brands.

Thanks for the feedback!

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