I created a fun way to interact with website visitors!

Hi fellow e-commerce store owners!

I used to run an e-commerce store in sunglasses a while back and had mixed feelings about it. I had decent amounts of traffic but literally almost 0% conversion rate compared to the average ~1-2%.

I knew something was off but couldn’t really validate what it was because there was no way for me to ask the website visitors or at least engage them long enough to increase their likelihood of converting to a customer. I eventually shut down the store a while ago but didn’t forget about my experience running it.
A couple of years later now, I built the tool that I was thinking of but didn’t fully realize at that time. I created a live shopping widget that I put on my website to engage with website visitors.

It helps me get a human presence on my website, just like you would have in a real store.

To finish the story, a friend (who comically is also running an e-commerce store in sunglasses but way more successful than me…) is using this to increase his conversions and is now live with me doing a Q&A on our website ( to showcase the widget and also to give advice to everyone from all his experience.
Come say hi in the chat and let me know if you have any feedback!

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