State Sales Tax and Fulfillment Centers

Wanted to check if anyone else is in a similar boat here in regards to sales tax to ensure we are setup correctly. I have an LLC registered in the state of NY for a clothing apparel brand that sells our merchandise through a Shopify store. We work closely with a company out of Chicago that is our print shop and they also warehouse and fulfill our store. All of the money from Shopify flows directly to them, they take their cut off the top and transfer the rest to us. I was advised by them that we only need to collect sales tax from purchases in Illinois, as that's where they are located and where the sales actually happen. Is this definitely true, or do you think we are required to pay sales tax for purchases in the state of NY as well?

The main reason I am asking is that we would eventually like to start buying wholesale from other suppliers in the US which will require us to have a resale certificate that will have our NY address on it and we are not registered as a NY sales tax vendor.

It feels like kind of a weird situation that maybe laws just haven't accounted for just yet with how a lot of e-com business run.. but anyone else in a similar boat and could give some insight?

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