Feedback please! (Desktop users especially)

Hi guys i’ve been working on this store for a while now and i’d love some feedback on it if you’d be so kind! [Exowatch](

There is one issue that i know of (slideshow doesn’t show at top of page on mobile only) that has happened as a result of changes to the code by a third party app in order to add colour swatches to my collection pages. I’m in the process of trying to get that fixed by the app’s support.

This will be my second shopify store. My first failed to convert and I decided to cut my losses after fairly minor ad spend as in hindsight i didn’t have “winning” products and the UX was subpar. This time I have attempted to build a brand and am putting out social media content atm. I was waiting for Chinese New Year to be over before launching ads so as not to deal with long shipping times. Please let me know what you think!!! THANK YOU ❤️

TL;DR : Missing images at top of MOBILE site is a known issue – other than that, how’s my site?!

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