Is E-Commerce what I should focus on ?

Hi there,
In the beginning of my SMMA journey I was told a lot like go for where the money is:
I know that its wrong to generalize a niche, but this was what I experience event I generated results and had over 75+ Clients since 2019 in GERMAN based countries and LONDON.
most of them were short term clients for just 2-3 months after that they left me with using my ads for lead generation. Some of them also promised me an extra commission which I never received. But they could pay easily 750, 500, and even 1200 per month ..
same here no commission which I worked for 500 pounds they could not afford more than this. I also did a bunch of free trials which didn't work out good. But I still have some agents I do lead generation for without commission.
most of them no Budget for marketing, but I went to some meetings and closed 250/month for Management for Facebook Accounts
I will try to never work with these..which I only worked with 3 agents in this industry.
most of them paid me and then they used my ads even I signed a contract

never worked with one of them

Conclusion: I had the most payoff from bigger companies who are doing more than 30.000 EUR per month. They don't had any trouble with paying me. and they were nicer. got the results and

But the problem is how can I reach out to them? Where are they? Where to meet them ?

In my opinion most local based clients didnt turned out to be the best clients. How about you ?

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