Online (and brick & mortar) store opening during corona

Hey guys, last year I made the best decisions during the worst times. I signed a contract to open up a store for mid- to high-end writing tools and accessories in germany and shortly after the first covid wave hit.

Since my planned post-lockdown opening got postponed due to the second lockdown in germany. I have since spend MASSIVE amounts of money on inventory but could not attract a customer through the presence of my brick & mortar store and through usage of traditional means: Flyers.

The duration of the lockdown makes the use of online ads urgent. I pinned down that I want to start advertising on google despite the relatively high budget.

Now to the actual question, what would your take be on advertising an online shop for writing instruments ? I thought about going for a google shopping ad combined with a few testing search ad sets trying out different keywords and audiences.

Would love to hear about your similar experiences!

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