Tips on converting more abandoned carts

According to the Baymard Institute, the average cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. Here are a few tips to convert more abandoned carts :

  1. Use more than 3 emails for your Abandon Cart Flow (I use more than 7)

  2. Don't use Apps like Abandonment protector, instead just create a basic flow using your email client.

  3. Don't use Discounts as your only way. Use USPs and BSPs first.

  4. Social proof!!! No matter the Shopper is new or old, you always need to show that the product is in demand.

  5. Always use urgency and scarcity together.

  6. Don't use Stock Images. It doesn't have any emotion. Edit the images out. You can get a VA do it for you for as cheap as $30.

  7. Use a human name for your sender’s name. People are more likely to open an email from Micheal from Tesla rather than Tesla.

  8. Have at least 1 plain text email. If your emails are going in the promotion tab, this one will hit the inbox and recover lost sales.

  9. Change your email's objective from getting them to buy your product to remind them to buy the product. (Use USPs, BSPs, Social Proof, Discounts, etc subtly)

  10. Only give discounts if they haven't purchased even after 2 days.

  11. Always have an expiry date for your discounts.

  12. Send an email to remind them that their discount will end soon as a follow-up.

  13. Use a discount ladder. If you gave 10% today, remind them about it tomorrow. Then after a day give 15% to incentivize them.

  14. Use {{first_name}} in the subject line to increase open rate. ( {{first_name}} will be replaced by the shoppers name.)

  15. Make a separate Abandon Cart Flow for your #1 Best Seller.

  16. Try to cross-sell the shopper if they haven't purchased even after 6 days.

  17. The end email should always be about How Can We Help You.

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