Why not just copy a competitor’s entire website and funnels?

Okay, this is going to sound a bit cutthroat (i.e. business is cutthroat), but what's stopping you from just straight up ripping off other successful stores?

So let's say I'm new to ecommerce with no experience.

I would find some ads on FB/Goog and click on them. Oh and make sure I'm screenshooting their ads during the process. Buy their product. Record the entire funnel from their sales page all the way to the checkout page.

Set up my website the same way as their. Maybe change the phrasing a bit but aiming for the same pain point. Same USP and mission.

Obviously not word for word. But similar type of phrasing.

And then run similar ads as them on FB/Goog. Surely if the market is big enough, if I am spending a decent amount of money, cold customers might hear about my store before my competitors (if they even see them).

Since I'm already on their email list, I can run similar email campaigns. etc.

If the conversion is good, I can look at their manufactures and order an inventory to start selling.

Why don't more 14 years old just do this instead of asking for dumb questions about how to start? Or asking for website review for their shitty sites?

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