Getting the word out and the sales in – help please!

My biggest pain point as a business owner is simply getting the word out about my business and products to the people who want what I offer. I'm learning and implementing SEO and generating content on my site, blog, email list, and social media accounts regularly. Still, my site gets few hits. It has a conversion rate between 1-3%. From what I see from fellow ecommerce business owners here, that conversion rate is pretty standard. If I'm going to get sales up, I simply need more people coming to the site.

I don't have the budget for paid marketing. I did try some paid Facebook ads before, and that was a waste of money. Until I have the budget to place targeted ads consistently, I don't think it will be worth my time or money.

What advice do you have from your own experiences? What worked, and what didn't? From a customer standpoint, what would your feedback for me be?

Here's the shop link to give you a clearer idea:

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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