I run a small online store and am prepping for a relaunch as a bigger store with more SKUs. My customers are pretty much evenly split between the US and Australia. Being based in the US, this makes shipping expensive for my Australian customers. Any advice?

Currently I get my supplier to send half the products to my friend in Australia and half to me in the US. This way has been working out for the moment as I’m not dealing with much stock however it gets tricky when my Aus stock runs low or vice versa.

I currently offer free shipping which financially works for me for domestic orders but if I run out of an item in Australia and a customer from Australia orders that product, I have to send it from the US which costs a lot and takes way too long.

There are going to be a lot of products in my new store and I fear I’m going to get overwhelmed with keeping track of supply levels between the two countries.

I think I have a few options I can choose from and I’d love to get some advice from anyone who knows more than me!!

Option 1 Split the stock 50/50 – get half sent to Australia and half to the US. I’m not too crazy about this idea.

Option 2 Get all of the supply sent to the US and operate as a US store, focusing on bringing in more customers from the US. I fear this might alienate my current Australian customers who will be scared off by shipping costs and time. However it could be the right path toward my long term goal of acquiring more customers, and there’s significantly more people in the US than Australia 😂

Option 3 Not sure if this is a real thing but is there a third party who can operate my shipping for me? One that’s located in a country between the US and Australia?

Option 4 Split the stock 50/50 and run two versions of my online store – one US based and one Australia based. This way, the stock can be accurately recorded across the two countries.

Would love some insight if possible as I want to be as little bumps in the road of my relaunch as possible!

Thank you!

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