Last month I launched my first e-comm business, but it absolutely failed. I asked on reddit for e-comm advice on how to make my store profitable and my conversions went up

Last month I tried the dropshipping business model, but it flopped. I spent more money on FB Ads than what I received in sales. One of the main problems of my first store ( was my Conversion Rate, on average only 0.5% of the people entering my store were converting into sales.

I followed almost every single advice that reddit gave me (most of it was very good advice). I recorded everything I did and all results I got in a very entertaining video, so you can check it out if you want:

Well, after implementing the changes on my store the % of people that were adding the product to basket increased 70%.

Main things that I changed:

> New Theme (paid)

> Added more Products

> Added more context on Home Page

> Improved Reviews (removed all that seemed fake)

> Better overall look and feel of the website, making it more trustworthy

The only problem was…. I ran into a massive roadblock with Stripe (the gateway service I'm using), they stopped supporting my account so consumers were NOT able to purchase the products!

I had so many people dropping on checkout and I didn't know why!

I only realized this because one of my customers actually used the support email to say that he tried multiple credit cards and wasn't able to buy, he always got an error message saying "payment not possible, please try again later".

I am currently looking for another payment service, I'm looking into 2checkout but my account is under evaluation. Anyone familiar with dropshipping has any advice on any other payment services? (besides shopify payments and stripe).

Thank you all!

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