Not segmenting your email list hurts your business

Segmenting your email lists refers to dividing your email subscribers based on certain criteria. When you segment your audience properly, every individual in your email list can be sent targeted personalized emails.

Not segmenting your emails properly will result in blasting an email list with every email which may result to :

  1. Low open rates
  2. High “Mark as spam” rates
  3. Loss of ESP’s reputation resulting in every email hitting the spam folder, etc.

Depending on what email platform you use, you should be able to segment your audience on the following criteria :

  1. Has/ hasn’t purchased
  2. AOV (Average order value)
  3. Purchase frequency
  4. Browsing behavior
  5. Shopping cart profile, etc.

Tips on segmenting your lists and sending emails accordingly :

  1. Personalize

Doesn’t matter if you’re sending the same email and giving the same discount. Context matters. So, personalize the emails. Here’s how. If you are sending a campaign for valentine’s day and you are offering a 20% discount and you have 3 email segments: Non-purchasers, One time purchasers and VIP purchasers (who have bought multiple times), the same email can be framed for different lists as :

Non-purchasers: “Since you’ve been eyeing our products and haven’t purchased yet, we’re giving you a 20% discount”

One time purchasers: “SInce you’ve purchased from us before, we’re giving you a 20% discount”

VIP: “Since you’re a VIP purchaser, we’re giving out a 20% discount for you”

Context matters.

  1. Unengaged segments

Unengaged segments are a must. If there are a bunch of subscribers who do not open any of your emails, it will harm your email’s deliverability. So, in order to combat that you an unengaged segment works the best. What I usually do is, create something called a “break-up flow”, if someone doesn’t open my emails, click on them, hasn’t purchased, or hasn’t been active on-site for 60 days I keep them on this automated flow and send them the last few emails. If they still don’t engage with the email I keep them in the unengaged segment and no emails are sent to them.

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