Easy SMS marketing strategy for your store to increase your revenue

SMS has to be one of the most unutilized methods of communication that brands use. It’s one of the few methods that a brand truly owns after the brand’s website and email.

I use SMSbump for the stores I’m working with but you can use any SMS software that has :

  1. Easy management of opt-in and opt-out status and consent.
  2. Compliance with TCPA and other SMS compliance regulations and organizations.
  3. Options to build your SMS list
  4. Allows for the sending of SMS campaigns
  5. Allows you to personalize your messages with products, names, and other information you have about your customers.
  6. Allows you to add images or video (MMS messages)., etc.


We can break it down into two distinct strategies :

  1. Text Automation
  2. Text Campaign
  3. Text Automation

I prefer using text automation for only a handful of events. IMO it works better for abandoned cart recovery. However, you can use it for :

  1. Back in stock
  2. Order Confirmation
  3. Shipping confirmations
  4. Welcome series, etc.

B. Text Campaigns

Much like email campaigns , every SMS campaign must be centered around a specific goal such as to drive a sale. Some ideas for text campaigns are :

  1. Rewards (referral rewards, loyalty program, etc.)
  2. Sales and promotions
  3. Contests
  4. Giveaways
  5. Helpful tips, etc.

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