Headless Commerce. When to consider, Layers of Complexity it ads

Tactical podcast featuring David McCary to talk about Headless Commerce in this 10 minute episode of Pitstop (he's back tomorrow too).

When should a brand consider headless commerce?

  • Looking toward internationalization (Or regionalization)
  • Flexibility in how their content is displayed and delivered
  • Performance needed to bring store to the next revenue level
  • Revenue in the 7 figures annually approaching 8 figures or higher

Layers of complexity

  • Developers and marketers will mean different things
  • Platforms like Shogun Frontend drastically reduce the complexity
  • Modular platforms like custom builds or tools built for developers can give more control but add complexity and costs.

Benefits of Headless

  • Increased flexibility of content assets, for example different images in different regions
  • Increase speed like Nomad Goods.

Also on Spotify if that's your jam.

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