Is my lead time just too long!

Hey all, I run a kids clothing ecomm store that has done quite well for 3 weeks when I launched at the start of this year. Yesterday, I started a storewide sale to gear up for Chinese New year ending soon – 30% off storewide, but communicating that all orders will be shipped on 5th of March.

I'm seeing so much less traction compared to previous sales, and the lead time of 2 weeks til shipping is the only thing that has changed. ATC rate, traffic etc remains constant. Initial checkout rate has dropped.

I positioned this sale as being a great discounts BECAUSE of the long lead time, so I didn't expect this outcome.

What are you opinions, is the lead time just too long so people aren't checking out? Does anyone have experience with this kind of pre order sale, and if so, what happened for your business?

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