Made a quick Shopify store that was featured on local news – don’t know where to take it

I started this as sort of a joke last week – We had a big ice storm back in 1998 that knocked out power for a few weeks, causing general havoc. In my family, it has sort of become the barometer for all storms sense, and people bring it up more than you'd think any time there is bad weather.

So with all the ice storm news, it was top of mind and I took a few hours and put together a site with some POD merch. I didn't really expect anything but a couple of chuckles from people I know but the local news reached out and did an interview.

I decided if I made any money I would donate it to charity.

Since the news interview, a couple of radio stations picked it up so I have more attention than I ever thought.

I'd like to make it something more sustainable, maybe raise some real money for the cause I am supporting. Looking for suggestions, just ideas of where I might take this thing as I am still getting a couple hundred hits a day just on the news stories.

Im thinking maybe a dropship store for survival gear, or things you might need when the powers out – board games, candles, that sort of thing. Any ideas would be great.

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