Can anyone help me??


I have a few questions about my situation. I’m selling Asian beauty products but about to finish my business.

My fulfillment centre has notified us that they’re no longer in the business so I’ll have to remove all item in 2-3weeks. I have about 80-90 SKU but many SKU has less than 5 items so the volume is not too much.

I have tried to find other fulfillment center to continuously sell to get rid of the inventory but its not easy to find one as we’re not an ideal customer.

So, Anyone know where I can sell my stock as a package? Asian skincare products around 750 products (280 face mask sheets)

If I couldn’t sell them, I’ll need to ship them to either Germany or Switzerland from the USA. Do you know which country is more cost effective? Shipping + duty taxes etc

Thanks for your input in advance

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