Etsy seller copied my product and copy

Hi, curious if anyone experienced this and what you recommend doing next.

My friend and I have a website with our own products. We get them manufactured in a few different countries and then retail them online and in a few stores in the US. We sell on Etsy in addition to our website (sales are way better on Etsy). Anyway, we just noticed that someone stole our photos and exact copy (product description which is very unique to our brand) and has listed our best selling product under their own Etsy account. We messaged them and filed a complaint with Etsy. Haven't heard anything back and the product is still up. Assuming it will take Etsy some time to review the case but have no idea how good they are with these types of situations.

Any advice? It's very frustrating cus we just got some really great press and sales have increased dramatically in the last few weeks, and it would make me so angry if this rando starts profiting off that. Ugh!!

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