Moving away from dropshipping to own stock, trying to build good store, possible?

Hey buddies, really need some advices here, no jokes. I will try to be short,

failed first 3 stores with dropshipping products, just realized its not my dream to sell this kind of products

so i have made a niche store with 50+ products quite unique (but still from aliexpress). ROAS =3 , but shipping 2 months, and since most of my clients was getting 2-5 products per order, i had to send separate packages. SHAME

so i have moved to Wiio and Eprolo (kind of sourcing agents, who gets product from suppliers, puts them in one box and send with DHL to customers)

delivery time good, now its 1 box, but 10 days processing times and tonns of their mistakes.

By the way, firstly i targeted worldwide, my go to countries soon became AU, Europe, HK, SG.

Also i stopped using epacket , because its ridiculous.

Shipping to EU was 30 eur, which is all my profit , so i had to take EU down and focus only on AU, HK, SG

soon i started to order products from suppliers in bulk to Wiio warehouse, to reduce processing times.

So now i have 50% products own stock, 50% sourced on demand.

But this guys are terrible at normal fulfillment, they migh not reply for 3 days, they can forget to send order, its a nightmare.

So now im thinking to grow up and move to my own stock fully, im fine spending funds for ordering all my selection ina bulk (20x per item)

but i really dont know where should i warehouse them

i have around 250 orders so far, AU seems to work good for me, but if i send all items to AU, i will have no option to change targeting, i can also fiund good fulfillment in China, but then shipping price to EU will still be 30$.

Am i even going right way? im trying to build good store, with good processing times and shipping, but i have 100 items all from different suppliers, some of them weight almost 1.5kg. My ROAS all the way was from 2-4, i did 30k volume, i didnt make much profit, because shipping costs and refunds ate all of it.

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