Openship – e-commerce automation as a service

Hey guys,

Long time lurker here and I made Openship to solve a lot of issues you guys are facing. Some of you guys are dropshipping from AliExpress. Some are using Oberlo and other apps where you are somewhat locked-in. Openship is a more open platform. It allows you to connect with multiple suppliers and create orders in their existing systems. If your supplier has a Shopify shop, you can create orders directly on their shop when you get an order. If you supplier prefers Excel sheets or emails, Openship can do that as well. If you ever decide to hold inventory for some items, that too can be a channel and your operations won't skip a beat since Openship allows you to seamlessly switch between these channels.

The main benefit is that you are never locked into a supplier, dropshipper, or 3PL solution.

Be sure to check out the demo and docs if interested.

Best, Junaid

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