Brainity and other Shopify apps for paid advertising?


I’m on Shopify and I’m considering using Brainity to help me automate my facebooks ads, but I’m a little sceptical as to how well it could possibly work. The website only says it will help build and optimise funnels, but I feel like that’s quite vague!

My current ads are decent (CTR 2-5%, above average engagement/quality etc. and I think I’m targeting well), but my ROAS stays at 1.5x and I don’t know how to increase it after the ad build to a more profitable 3-4x. Do you think an app like Brainity would help or would you recommend something else?

What should my expectations be with Brainity with regards to budget (I can spend £200-400/month) and when could I expect to see results, if any?

Thanks so much!

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