I switched from WooCommerce to Shopify and my conversion rates went up 400%

Back in December/January, I noticed we’re spending a little too much on customer acquisition and our ROI wasn’t as good as it should be. We had all of the ingredients of a high-converting store but something didn’t “click”, we were rarely scratching a 1.2% conversion rate, which didn't make sense to me.

I reworked and optimized the copy, doubled down on great product photography, and added a bundle configurator for increased AOV and a more compelling offer, dug down with HotJar and GA, but visitors were still dropping off.

Finally, I pinpointed the problem to a slow funnel and decided to optimize our hosting situation and make our store as fast as possible.

Our WP site is hosted on a dedicated self-built EC2 image running WordPress+WooCommerce. No matter how hard I tried, even using OpenLitespeed+LSPHP and a Redis cache behind a dedicated CloudFront distribution – Our store was still sluggish and would sometimes randomly break, and I lived in fear of random WordPress/plugin updates breaking my site, checking it every 10 minutes. (WP was fine, it was just WooCommerce that had issues).

So I took the plunge, created a Shopify store from scratch, got a nice theme, and redirected all of our WooCommerce links to the new product pages. This took a while since we have quite a few custom product options and I needed to find the appropriate apps and configure them to match the WooCommerce product page.

The result? conversion rates now hover around 5% every single day, some days higher. We were able to cut our ad spend in half and maintain the same revenue rate. The website is SUPER fast, ALWAYS works and I don't have to worry about it breaking randomly.

The downsides? Shopify themes aren't very customizable (video gallery? custom HTML everywhere? forget about it!), apps are very expensive (Yotpo anyone?), almost all apps needed custom changes to work with the theme I purchased, and it takes a while to customize and build everything whereas with WP/WooCommerce I could get it done fairly quickly and set it up just the way I like it.

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