Looking for a partner to scale a hot innovative product. Lots of sales, worldwide demand.

Hello fellows, my team has developed, produced and battle-tested on paying customers an innovative wearable ($90 check) that brings original value, has large market potential and high margin.

We've figured out the best way to advertise it with CAC ~$3. Now looking for a partner who can bring ~$200k to implement the marketing plan.

Basing on current sales, with this we can reach 7-digit revenue already in the first quarter.

At this stage it's not actually VC type of case (because of physical product), so I'd like to find a person who'd like the product as we do to join the team (if want to, not required).

The device is a useful gadget, like arrived directly from the Iron Man's arsenal. Have many orders from abroad.

Would appreciate any thoughts regarding where I can find the right person (websites, subreddits).

I'm in New York, part of the team is in LA.

The project is highly trackable online with my name everywhere, everything is transparent, the product is easy to check, listed on Amazon

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