Starting over trying to build an e-commerce brand and business from the beginning, website feedback and advice?

Since I was really young having my own business and being my own boss was something I wanted. I wanted to be an engineer and build my own products to sell but life took me a different direction and I still have interest in creating my own products but don’t have the engineering background. I’m currently 23 and have a big interest in technology and solar power, electronics, and other outdoor gear. 2 years ago I used my own money and researched products on Alibaba that fit my interest like foldable solar panels, solar power banks, waterproof outdoor flashlights, and some other outdoor gear and gadgets and bought some to start my own online business. I have made barely any sales on my website probably because it’s easier to go on Amazon and get prime shipping and because it’s a saturated market. I have however listed the products on Facebook market place and other used sites and have made probably $4000-5000 in sales in the last 2 years which is something. The solar power banks, foldable solar panels, and flashlights have been the main sellers while 6/9 products havent sold because they were terrible buys and over saturated. I wanted to sell things I was passionate about rather than something that didn’t interest me because I thought I could sell it better. The one amazing break I’ve had is a good family friend runs outdoor programs for youth and has decided to use my business West Coast Gadgets as his supplier for gear. In the last 4 months I’ve used alibaba to order more outdoor gear for him like sleeping bags, air mattresses, waterproof bags etc. Other than him I haven’t made sales lately and I want to restart my business and give it everything I’ve got. I would love it if people had some advice on where to go from here, books to read? Advice on how to build my brand and name? Feedback on my website I’ve made a lot of mistakes from not doing proper research on the market building my social media but I have a lot of stock left in my house and I want to move it out keep moving upward. Thank you.

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