What is a reasonable ROAS to expect for a well build Google Ads Ecommerce Account? (Search, Display & Shopping Ads)

I know this is a very hard thing to estimate, but:

I am a Google ads marketer specialized in paid search who is taking on more e-commerce product clients. I am working with a new client selling weighted blankets and their ROAS has floated between 2.5 and 5 over the last few months as they have spend 3-6k USD a month on ads. The account was poorly set up and I have optimized the bid strategies and everything else, so:

I am curious if anybody can give my insight into what they might expect I can see as a range of what the average ROAS on eCommerce item/product-based accounts typically receive.

I'm also curious if anybody has details or tips on how to spend more budget and scale an account without seeing ROAS drop with each lift in monthly spend? Or is that unavoidable?

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