Having trouble deciding on direction

Good morning folks,

I am new to the e-commerce space and naturally have a ton of questions. I want to skip over the drop shipping aspect of e-commerce because I don’t want to deal with long delivery times for my customers, and most importantly I want to start a brand.

I already have contacts with manufacturers from Europe who produce the products I want to sell.

These manufacturers have success exporting their products throughout Europe but they are willing to expand into other markets. Through my brand, I want to sell primarily in the United States.

Being new to the game, I want to know is it better to tackle the entire niche from the jump (~20 products with the potential to design more) or choose only one product for now and focus on that and then expand my store into a niche site.

What has worked best for you guys? Obviously I’m not here to get rich quick because I know it’s a long journey to making consistent sales, but I can’t lie when I say I have large goals for this brand I’m just having trouble deciding the best course of action in the beginning.

By skipping drop shipping, I know I will experience more upfront costs because I plan on working with a fulfillment center and having my products imported to the United States from Europe where they will be pick packed and sold to customers. (The manufacturers only do bulk/wholesale orders so drop shipping is out of the equation)

Thank you and enjoy your day everyone!

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