How can I get lower shipping rates? (EU)

I’ve been designing and sharing 3D printing files for free for the board game community, which have been very well received. I decided it was time to start designing physical products and selling them online. Days before launch I showed a preview of one of my products on a forum, to which dozens of people answered with great comments and expectation for the shop to open.

Now that I have finally put together the website (, I am baffled by how impossibly expensive it is to ship my products.

My products cost at the very most 20 euros, but I expect most of them to be under 15. I expect more than half of my clients to be from USA, while I’m living in The Netherlands. The type of item I sell is definitely not the kind any client will buy more than one (as in, if it were hats I’d buy a red AND a blue one to justify paying shipping).

So my question is: How am I supposed to sell a 15 euro item to someone in America, who will have to pay additional 24 euros for shipping?

I’m new to this and learning as I go, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how shipping works. Can I get some sort of contract with shipping companies to get “discounted” prices? Should I reduce my profit margin to almost nothing and pay the shipping myself?

Here are the things I’ve read that don’t apply for me: – Offering free shipping after a certain threshold: that won’t work because I don’t expect most clients to buy more than one item – Baking the shipping price into the product: people know they are buying plastic. 15 euros gives me an already small profit margin and gives the user a notion of it being a fair price. But if I offer a 39 euro piece of plastic with free shipping, I would feel ripped off if I were them. – Fulfillment centers: I don’t have an inventory. I produce on demand, nor do I have the capacity of building an inventory to fill a crate to ship by boat to America, if you will.

Please, any suggestions are welcome!

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