What do business owners need to do to increase revenue with the same amount of traffic?

Many business owners focus solely on traffic, forgetting how to turn more website visitors into customers and increase revenue without increasing the advertising budget.

Now, we host the biggest CRO & UX online event on YouTube, where you will go deep into insights on how to increase your website's e-commerce indicators from industry leaders. We started at 1:30(GMT+2) and LIVE now! Link:

I hope this post is not direct advertising, as we don't ask you to register etc.

Topics we cover:

  1. How to achieve a 50% A/B test win rate with our strong methodology developed in-house. I will share some insightful details of it. Igor Sokolov
  2. Conversion rate optimization by ESR approach: Three commerce case studies on how to increase CR by 55%. Denis Studennikov
  3. Lessons learned from relaunching a 110M page site. Grant Simmons
  4. Product Hypothesis Validation. Oleg Slyusarchuk
  5. Google's Relationship With UX. Dan Taylor
  6. Which Test Won – An interactive session to review our top UX experiments. Craig Smith
  7. Usability Testing: Website Tips and Examples. Sophia Yakovlieva
  8. Watch your site get audited by a search engine engineer. Dennis Yu

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