Any more affordable options than printify for U.K. Etsy store?

I’ve made some designs and looking for a site, just like printify, that links with Etsy and will print and send off the t shirts with my designs on.

I see this all over Etsy so I know it’s not exactly unique but I only want it as a side hustle type situation. However, all the listings I see on Etsy are £10 and under for a t shirt, but I’ve had to price mine at £20 with £5 postage to make any profit at all (were literally looking at £5 profit max) this obviously makes them higher priced than post and I understandably am not making any sales.

I’ve seen printify recommended over and over but when I click U.K. suppliers there’s very limited clothing available and the cheapest is pretty high cost and then high postage on top. Surely there’s other options? I’ve found wholesalers that sell tops for £4 each but they don’t do the printing for you and I don’t have any equipment.

Any advice? As I’m sure is obvious I’m very new to this all

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