Got perma banned from FB while setting up my Page … need help

I founded my own company in 2020 and launched my first product just a few days ago on shopify.

Meanwhile I set up a new Facebook account for myself (I had no account because I hate all kind of social media except reddit) and an Instagram account for my business. Afterwards i created a FB Businessmanaget account and connected my FB page and Instagram account with it. So far so good.

First problem occured after I tried to connect FB with shopify. I hadn't launched shopify back then (Shop was PW protected) and just wanted to test the connection. FB imported my product from shopify and banned it somendays later for unknown reasons. I thought that this was due to the PW protection since google pointed out a similar issue.

As i mentioned above i launched the webshop a few days ago. 2 days ago i added another person as moderator to the fb business manager because I didn't intend to do the content marketing myself (for obvious reasons). Right after this action my private FB account got deactivated. I requested a review (only option i had) and waited. Now FB informed me that they review my account and told me that they won't recover it.

I wouldn't mind at all if the business account would not have been tied to my personal account. I assume so stupide Facebook AI banned me because i didn't post or like anything on Facebook.

I need advice for my next steps: 1. Is the moderator able to claim admin rights for the business manager? 2. Am I able to claim my business account with a new facebook account? 3. If i decide to let the Facebook business manager because rot because I am not able to become admin again what will happen to my Instagram account/connection? And will I be able to create a FB Page with the except same company behind it again?

Thank you very much for your answers!

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