Branding ideas to improve my business?

I came up with a few ideas to improve my business and hopefully actually start getting sales on my website and would appreciate some feedback on my ideas. So in the last 3 years I’ve made maybe $4000-5000 in sales on my site with no social media ads. I might have picked products that are just to saturated but either way I have stock with my logos on them and want to move them out and continue to get better quality products. One area I’m really lacking is posting on social media, I very rarely do and have no presence on Instagram or Facebook. I feel one way I can really boost sales and draw attention to my site and products is to start making weekly YouTube videos about hiking and outdoor topics while using my products I have and actually giving useful information to my audience. I will also post on Instagram and Facebook daily. The next thing is so change my website around a bit and update the pictures. One problem I don’t like is my products came with very basic packaging that isn’t very pleasing on the eyes and I want to upgrade the packaging to look better and give a better feel to the customers. I want to also start offering bundles on the site like Solar power banks and foldable solar panels for ____ amount that will give a bit of a deal. I was also thinking that when I do local deliveries in my city area to buy 100 burlap or some decent material bags with my logo on it and that be what I drop my products off in. I was thinking of printing off some coloured outdoor guides that include hiking hotspots on Vancouver island and the best places to explore since almost all of my customers are located on Vancouver island. I think this would be a good place to start. What are some thoughts and advice on these ideas and any way I could improve upon them?

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