Can’t get more than 20 visitors a day to my store. Traffic is so bad, is my site slow/bad? Or am i just selling something useless?

Hello all,

I recently launched my e-commerce website ( )

It’s not dropshipping, I spent a lot of time setting it up and getting product and website ready. I set up the Facebook ads starting after Valentine’s Day. With a budget of $25 a day I am barely getting 10 to 20 visitors to my site a day.

I am wondering why my traffic stats are so bad, I feel like I can get more conversions if I just get more people to the website so I’m wondering if the site is super slow or my Facebook ads are just really bad.

I hired someone on Fiverr, if you look my site up in ad library, you can see the ads i was running.

Shopify shows 580 unique visitors this month, and I was able to get 6 sales. I’m not sure how they calculate that stuff but I bet a lot of those visits were for me double checking the website from different devices.

I’m deep in the red with FB ads, so I’ve paused them in the meantime.

Any advice/tips/harsh criticism is highly appreciated!!

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