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Hi guys! I hope this is the right sub for this as I’m at a current loss.

I’ve been running the Instagram and online product side of the company I work at for the last couple of years. We’re a retail home store and we have a huge selection of items online. For the last few years, we’ve used Weebly with Square Up and have integrated Facebook pixel to create our catalogs and have pretty much had no issues with the items uploading to Instagram automatically once I got it properly connected.

This past week, all of my items have been deleted from my Instagram catalog and I can no longer tag nor have access to any products that are associated with my Facebook pixel.

I’m getting an error sign when I go look at the connection saying ‘the pixel’s microdata is incomplete or incorrectly formatted’. I’ve never gotten this message before- I’m assuming it’s a new feature?

Weebly when integrated with Square doesn’t give me the tools of going in and editing my own code so I don’t even know how to add microdata if I could. Most things I’ve read infer I need to go in and add code for each individual item.

I’m not sure if anyone has any insight on this or help??? I went and did some “microdata test” through FB and it said I was missing some prices, stock and ID number. I definitely do have the prices and stock correct, the ID is what I’m unsure of.

Thank you!

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