Need a piece of advice on a business idea

Hello everyone.

As a programmer, I have experience in technologies but struggle a bit with business idea validation. Would be really thankful to get feedback on the idea I have:

Right now I have a technology that is capable to scrape Amazon on a high scale. It can scrape products by ASIN, monitor price changes, scrape bestsellers, reviews, etc. I'm thinking about how to transform that technology into a product or how to make it valuable.

I see that there are alternatives on the market but all of them are pretty expensive. They cost approximately 1$ per 1,000 requests. On a big scale, it doesn't make sense. I know that there are companies that scrape millions of Amazon pages per day.

My idea is to offer this technology as a white-label solution. So the customer can buy the scraper and run it on their own servers. And the customer doesn't need to pay a fortune for third-party services or build it on their own. They get a well-tested and scalable solution. All they need to do is just launch it and use it for their own business analysis.

The technology stack is Node.js andKubernetes.

Wondering if you think that it makes sense and you know someone who would be willing to buy it?

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