Critique my Website: A platform that makes e-commerce stores more accessible to shoppers

Hey Everyone! I recently created a website called to make small e-commerce stores more accessible to shoppers and I would love your feedback to make it better. As a former e-commerce store owner, I know it is difficult to gain traction and customers amid the MASSIVE marketplaces out there so I thought of an idea that would give us a fighting chance through unity. is a platform that allows shoppers to browse and sort e-commerce stores and deals to find the shops that fit their needs. Not only does this give shoppers a chance to support small businesses, but it also helps them browse through products they may be interested in. There is also a feature that allows customers to post a query if they are not sure what to buy, which stores can then reply to and craft a better customer experience. Currently, the service is free for both stores and shoppers.

I am currently in the process of testing this platform to see if it is a viable opportunity to pursue and would love to hear your thoughts about this. What are some features that you would like to see in such a platform to improve your connection with customers? Would you use a service like this, and if not, what are some alternatives you are currently using to make your store easily accessible to shoppers?

Thank you so much for taking the time, and I would love to hear all your questions and comments!

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