Overwhelmed with ecommerce options

Hi, all! Seeking your advice on this…

We're looking for an ecommerce platform that's the most cost efficient and simple.

Background: – I run a small business with 2 other friends. We sell clothes for men. – we all have full time jobs and have no tech background, so we're hoping to go for an option that's the easiest and efficient I.e. try to minimize our day to day efforts

Our objective is to create an ecommerce website that has basic ecommerce functions (cart, discount codes, detailing of SKUs, etc). We will also do some content marketing. This will be supported via ad placements thru Facebook and Instagram.

Our issue is that there are so many options and it can be quite confusing. Read through a lot of articles, but still at a loss.

  1. Shopify looks promising. Is this the cheapest option out there. I know it's 29 dollars + domain name fee

  2. I see wordpress is an option. What I'm confused is that how come some people recommend a combination of wordpress + ECWID / Woocommerce, when WordPress itself has a payment plan specific to ecommerce already?

Thank you in advance!

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