Potential Paypal scam?

So, somebody purchased from my shopify store about 2 weeks ago. The address is in Hong Kong, and for some reason shopify said "address not recognized" and I had to cancel the order. I get an email from the customer asking why it was cancelled. I explained why and she said that the PayPal was deleted so it got refunded to nowhere. I checked and it was true — it said refund failed, sender not active.

So I was just about to send the $ to her new paypal when I realized this may be a scam. Is there any chance I send the money and end up getting a chargeback from the previous account? Not sure how that's possible since it seems it's been deleted, but I recognize there's some potential this was intentional — fake address that they know won't print, delete paypal account, send $ to diff account.

Only $122 but rather safe than sorry. What should I do? Make her wait out the full 2-3 months until it can't be charged back? I don't really want to waste time calling paypal for something that's ultimately not my problem (yet here I am wasting time on reddit lol, at least I enjoy this whereas I fucking hate being stuck on the phone w/ customer service)

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