What Precautions Can I Put In Place To Make Sure I Never Overspend A Client Budget? (Google Ads)

I recently left my corporate agency job and have become a freelancer specifically running Google Ads accounts for a collection of clients. The one thing I am still trying to solve is:

how do I make sure myself, as well as the additional people I am contracting to help manage my clients never make the human error mistake of overspending on a client budget? Are there any tools or tips you guys use to control how much can possibly be spent in an account on a given day or month?

I haven't had any risks of this happening yet, but during the 4 years I spent working at large agencies, overspending by accident was the only real error I ever saw happen. In those cases the company would refund the brands the amount we spend extra by accident. As a small company –
I just won't have large amounts of money available to do this so I want to put stops in place where I can to make sure this NEVER happens and would love to hear ideas. Right now I have – provided my contractors (who only help me on a very small portion of my work) with accounts that do not have permission to make budget changes. And I have also been researching scripts to use to have the account shut off if huge spend lifts occur – however, nothing seems to work perfectly. Would love suggestions from anybody with any!

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