Where do I begin? Feeling overwhelmed

I work full time but have an idea for an online store that’s not totally a niche area but somewhat specific. I wasn’t able to find something geared at the area so I am hopeful that the online store might be at least modestly enough successful.

Given I have zero experience in e-commerce, when I think of getting started, it feels overwhelming by just the number of things to figure out. Is there a non-sketchy guide on how and what one needs to do to get started with an online store? The things I can think of that I think I have to figure out:

Buying a website domain

Registering a business in my province (Ontario)

Registering with the tax authorities

Having a lawyer tell me of any other legal requirements

Setting up Shopify

Figuring out how to run a Shopify store

Hiring a graphic designer to make branding for the website

Figuring out how to set up payments and where to take them, bank accounts, etc.

Think up the 100s of products to contact their manufacturers for supply

Figuring out how to reach out to suppliers/manufacturers and convince them to sell small quantities to begin

Figuring out how to even get people to know about and to buy from the store

Figuring out how to mail cost effectively

Figuring out how and where to store merchandise

Figure out how to pack stuff

Figure out how customer service will work

I’m sure there will be things that I can’t even think of right now that I would have to figure out. I want to continue working full time to pay the bills until the store is profitable enough (if anyone even buys from it and it doesn’t crash and burn). It would be helpful if there was a guide or something (again, something not sketchy “hey buy my course and become a billionaire overnight”) that could outline what I need to think about, what steps I have to take, the most efficient and time tested way to do things, what pitfalls to avoid, etc.

Any suggestions on where to even begin without getting overwhelmed and giving up?

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