Seeking Feedback on my Loose Leaf Tea Store (Soft Launch)

Hi there! I have just launched my first e-commerce company using Shopify, selling premium loose leaf tea in packaging inspired by talented artists around the globe. Our unique blends seek to change the way you experience a cup of tea through our focus on flavour, quality, and creativity.

I've put a lot of work in to get to this point, and I would be grateful for any feedback you may have.

My store:

I haven't started any digital ads yet, however I've made a few pre-sales from my network.

Right now I am only selling my products within Canada. Thank you in advance!

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Embedded procurement will make every company its own marketplace

In 2019, my colleague Matt Harris coined the term “embedded fintech” to describe how virtually all software-driven companies will soon embed financial services into their applications, from sending and receiving payments to enabling lending, insurance and banking services, an idea that quickly spread within the fintech community.

Vertical apps such as Toast for restaurants, Squire for barbershops and Shopmonkey for car repair shops will deliver financial services to businesses in the future rather than traditional, stodgy financial institutions.

Embedded procurement is the natural evolution of embedded fintech.

The embedded fintech movement has just begun, but there is already a sister concept percolating: embedded procurement. In this next wave, businesses will buy things they need through vertical B2B apps, rather than through sales reps, distributors or an individual merchant’s website.

If you own a coffee shop, wouldn’t it be convenient to schedule recurring orders for beans and milk from the same software portal where you process payments, manage accounting and handle payroll? The companies that figured out how to monetize financial services via embedded fintech are well positioned to monetize through procurement, too.

Embedded procurement is the natural evolution of embedded fintech. The salon software company Fresha is a typical embedded fintech story. Fresha’s platform is an online and mobile platform specially designed for spas and salons, encompassing appointment scheduling, reporting and analytics, marketing promotions, and point-of-sale capabilities. The software is free for salons; Fresha monetizes through payment processing.

In the future, Fresha will undoubtedly turn to embedded procurement, becoming a logical place for business owners to order and manage inventory like shampoo, scissors, brushes and other supplies. In turn, Fresha can aggregate demand from thousands of spas to place orders with its suppliers, leveraging its scale to negotiate more favorable pricing on behalf of its customers. Borrowing a concept from the healthcare world, vertical software companies will become group purchasing organizations in every sector.


Walmart EStore?

Seen some post on Walmart e stores does anyone run one

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Looking for a gift box packaging supplier in Canada. Any recommendations?

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[Tik-Tok] Payments keep failing even when the card has plenty of money and no restrictions.

Recently, I started running TikTok ads for my online store. They have been performing exceptionally well, and yet I wake up to a suspended ad account for an outstanding payment.

When I go to clear the outstanding payment in the admin panel, no matter what payment method I use, it just gets declined. I've contacted support but they're not being any help. At this rate, I might just make a new account under a different IP kinda lost on what to do here.

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School project webdevelopment

Hi guys, I am a student currently making a project about web development and E-commerce. Currently am doing customer research that is primarily for people which are self-employed, have your own business, company, e-shop, website, or plan to set the business in the future. You can fill my Google questionnaire Customer research (take less than 2 minutes) or if I may ask you for a bit of help and advice: What is essential for you when you are choosing the services? Thank you very much

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Struggling to make sales. Could I please get some advice

Please could you take some time to review my store

I’ve recently made a few changes to my store however I’m not getting any sales.

I’m not sure if this is my Facebook ads targeting or my website layout.

Any help is appreciated

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Which is the better choice to sell my weed-themed hoodie?

Should I spend $30 to post one ad on a 100k+ Facebook page about stoners, or spend that $30 and advertise around the people of California in on a certain spot FB allows?

So yeah, to explain it further, I have $30 to gamble to promote my weed-themed-hoodie. I chose California city since weed is legal there.

Now, I think it would be a good idea if I can pay an admin of a big FB group about weed, smoking weed, etc that has 100k members. All these members are obviously interested in weed, so if I get one post there that is not allowed, but I paid and asked the mods, my hoodie ad will be shown to 100k people only to one niche– weed.

OR, post it on my page, use FB ads to boost the post, select the area around California city to target people, with a budget of $30, for $30 days, a dollar per day of advertising that will target 63-193 Californians. BUT what worries me about this is obviously, not every 64-193 person scrolling through Facebook in California city is interested in weed.

So guys, what's the better plan? Did I get something wrong?

Btw, if you're curious about the hoodie, Ill DM it to you. cant post links here.

This project is what I created about a year ago but I was so busy. Now, I am trying to sneak in time.

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Cactus Leather Jewelry Bags

Hey ecommerce experts and enthusiasts! My fiancé and I moved to Mexico a little over a year ago. She discovered a cactus leather producer early on, and has been working tirelessly with manufacturers to get her designs (and materials) just right.

Lunar Method was created for women who want a better way to organize their pretty things without sacrificing their ethics. But now that the site is built and the products are ready to ship, she is having difficulty selling.

I would greatly appreciate any website feedback, tips, advice, or resources to help her out. Thanks!

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What to make of Deliveroo’s rough IPO debut


After a lackluster IPO pricing run, shares of Deliveroo are lower today, marking a disappointing debut for the hot delivery company.

A good question to ask at this juncture is why Deliveroo struggled with its IPO during a historically strong moment for tech flotations. The European unicorn listed on the London Stock Exchange, however, possibly placing its public offering in a different climate than recent IPO successes listed in the United States.

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TechCrunch noted on Monday that there were local concerns regarding Deliveroo's governance and treatment of workers. At the time, however, those worries merely led to a decrease in the company's IPO valuation.

Why did Deliveroo struggle when it began to trade? Is it suffering from cultural dissonance between its high-growth model and more conservative European investors? Let's peek at the numbers and find out.

Deliveroo versus DoorDash

To ground us, let's explore how differently the public markets value Deliveroo and DoorDash. If they are valued somewhat closely, we'll be able to dismiss the question of whether the British delivery giant is really being treated with more skepticism than its American comp.

Not that we care, really, one way or the other about any single company's value. But we do care if listing on a European exchange — I refuse to acknowledge Brexit this morning — means that companies valuing growth over profits are going to generate more stick than praise when they list.

So, briefly, here's the data we need to make our comparison. We'll start with DoorDash:

  • DoorDash 2020 revenue: $2.886 billion
  • DoorDash 2020 revenue growth (YoY): 226%
  • DoorDash market cap: $41.98 billion
  • Implied 2020 revenue multiple: 14.54x

And now, Deliveroo:

  • Deliveroo 2020 revenue: £1.191 billion
  • Deliveroo 2020 revenue growth (YoY): 54.3%
  • Deliveroo market cap: £5.55 billion
  • Implied 2020 revenue multiple: 4.66x