Improving Accessibility

Ilana Davis recorded a few episodes of Pitstop Podcast last week with me.

The best online presentation amounts to nothing if it can't be seen by your customers. Shopify superhero Ilana Davis explains how centering accessibility for the visually impaired aids not only those with special needs, but improves your online visibility to all consumers. Making an easier shopping experience for one makes an easier shopping experience for all.

How to make your site a more accessible experience

  • Don't dismiss accessibility just because your product isn't primarily for disabled customers; 20% of consumers have a disability in one form or another
  • Optimize your pages for screen reader apps and programs
  • Add alt-text descriptions to any images included, especially product images
  • Use clearly contrasting texts and backgrounds, rather than over-designed fonts or funky tones
  • Accessibility advantages don't just allow and drive engagement and sales from those who suffer from restrictions or disabilities, they make shopping an easier and more enjoyable experience for all customers.

Ilana Davis also hosts a few meetups which have gone virtual. We recorded two other episodes which are live on improving conversions.

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