Neurotic customer messages nonstop. Very anxious. Large order.

I sold her a custom wedding ring set. Thankfully she paid through Venmo which is an "all sales final" thing as I don't believe you can chargeback.. not without major repercussions anyway.

This customer is "nice" but she drives me absolutely insane and messages late.. multiple times. We are fast at creating/shipping but Jesus man.. we aren't Amazon. 99+% of our customers are great and not so crazy.. like clockwork..I'd say 1 out of maybe 60 we get are just insanely exhausting and total basket cases and neurotic.

She took up hours of our salespeoples time.. so the $1,000+ she spent I am not looking to refund or that's a bunch of lost time. She changed her mind.. LITERALLY… 20 times before settling on a ring..and a good dozen more times before settling on a band.

She went in to her jeweler SIX TIMES in a week to have them let her see how good certain sized stones looked on her.. check her size, etc. I honestly cringed when she did this as I knew the jewelry store wasn't going to like catching wind of her wasting THEIR time and buying from an online jeweler (US) whose prices they really can't compete with as we just don't have the overhead they do.

So … I don't blame them.. I know how sales work.. but they started making her panic and "worry" that our deal was "too good to be true" and I had to spend another damn half hour assuring her she is getting what she paid for.. she was happy.. bought a band.. Then 3 days later.. "Oh can I maybe cancel the band?" to which I'm thinking hell no you can't.. we changed your order like a half dozen times already and you are one of the 4 most stressful customers I've ever had.

I feel like she's extremely anxious and paranoid and no matter what.. when the rings are delivered she's going to look for a way to say they aren't worth what she paid for because her jeweler got into her head.. OF COURSE THEY DID.. Nobody likes that you keep coming to their jewelry store, wasting their time and buy from someone else (she was chewing up BOTH of our time, to be honest.. so my goal was just to make sure we walked away from this selling something).

I don't want to ignore her (actually I DO)…but she is SO insanely draining I think I need like a good week break from replying to her. I do NOT want to keep messaging her ALL DAY EVERY DAY as her pieces are in transit with all her crazy questions and her switching her mind.

Have any of you had customers like this (For big purchases) and what have you done? If it were for a small purchase I'd have refunded them and told them to have a nice day. We already put in the work so I'm not going to do that and it was an "all sales final" thing.. that we switched out her pieces many times for and accommodated her with.

I'm cringing because I feel like once she receives her rings.. she was happy before.. but now this jeweler has her thinking she's getting a fake..I even sent certification..but I feel like she'll say.. OMG.. I see it for $600 on THIS site..and I paid $1,000 with you.. etc. Obviously, my prices are not going to be the same as every site out there.

I want the messages to stop. They are SO excessive. Do you ever flat out tell your clients this is insane? I even nicely started replying to her one morning and said "Hi there, (NAME).. Good morning.. Please give me until this afternoon.. I see I have over 20 notifications and messages from you from my inbox to our social media account and I want to make sure I see them all.." Hoping she'd get the picture.. she hardly has.. I started lying that I'm off weekends just to get a 2 day break from her and she's up my ass minutes into Monday.. whew

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