3500-word Marketing Copy Guide

The Show, Don't Tell

One thing you don't want to do when writing copy is simply telling people what's great about your product. You want to show them.

For example, let's say I'm selling a book on how to garden indoors. A bad way to convey this message would be the following:

  • Indoor Gardening: How to grow tomatoes in your home This book explains how to grow delicious tomatoes in your home!

While this description tells people what the product is, it doesn't really make them want to buy it. The goal of your copy isn't to just inform, but also to sell.

A better way to write this would be:

  • Indoor Gardening: How to Grow Tomatoes in Your Home Imagine biting into a juicy, sun-sweetened tomato right about now. Yum! Rather than waiting months for your outdoor plants to bear fruit, wouldn't it be great to have a bountiful harvest all year round? Thanks to this book, you can! Inside are instructions on how to grow mouth-watering tomatoes in even the darkest, dingiest apartment. With the help of this book, you'll be able to harvest delicious tomatoes all year long!

See how much better the second description is? Rather than just telling people what the book is about, it gives them a reason to buy (no more waiting for tomatoes to grow!); even if that reason isn't 100% true (somebody actually could grow tomatoes all year round if they live in a place with little sunlight).

In addition to showing the customers what's in it for them, you can also show them how great your product is.

Rather than just telling people that your book on tomatoes is great and they should buy it, you could have a number of five-star reviews from other customers.

Also, don't just focus on your product. You should also mention your audience's pain points and goals. As I said before, people buy products that help them reach their goals. What pain points are they experiencing now?

What will your product do to alleviate those pain points? If you can show your audience that you understand their pain and that you can relieve it, you're much more likely to sell to them.

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