Any of you guys need a digital CFO?

I work in fintech industry and seeing firsthand lack of financial discipline and awareness by many business owners. I focus on vendors who turn under USD 1 mm per annum.

Biggest problem is that for many of you guys your number one concern is running your business. However, too many ignore proper financial management such as liquidity planning and selecting right financial products for their business. Best solution for you would be CFO however most cannot afford to hire such a person.

Therefore I am building a digital CFO that will be a mobile app. You will have 24/7 live financial picture of your business, including key KPIs on your financial health The idea is to steer your business in the right financial direction as you grow.

To help me build my product in the right direction I wanted to run a small focus group where I can focus on your specific needs and financial pain points.

I implore anyone interested to please respond to this post and/or DM me. I very much look forward to speaking to any of you guys.

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