Dropshipping at 15, Second Thoughts

Backstory: I haven't been apart of this e-commerce thing for a long time. I'm 15, and I have more time than ever, so I wanted to get into dropshipping. Money isn't my priority, and I am ready to not see any "success" for years to come, but instead, I want to gain all the knowledge I can and get ahead. I understand e-commerce will be a big part of the future, and having a few years of knowledge and experience over my competition will help a lot. I live in Canada btw

Right now, I am still a newbie, haven't even launched my first store yet. This is where I encountered some problems, especially with all the legal stuff of being a minor. I always knew there would be issues, but I just thought the solution would be "open under a parent's name, but be the one running it" turns out it's not that simple, partly due to Shopify TOS. How can I resolve/cope with these legality issues? As well as the issues of payments in and out, whose/what type of bank account to use, and the other multitude of things that I cant seem to list. Is it worth it for me to go through with this? All the other threads I've seen just have answers like "go mow the lawn" or "focus on exams". Fair point, but I really want to do this (see backstory), but if it causes more harm than good, I can wait a few years.

I have a lot more other questions about the store in general, but they're useless if I can't even put the answers to good use

TL;DR- I'm 15, and not sure if it's worth it for me to get into dropshipping due to legal issues. Would appreciate any advice on the legal issues stated.

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