Employment Opportunity for the Summer

Hi guys, I’ve been working an internship in Project Management at a large luxury car manufacturer and I’ve had experience in two other manufacturing settings. Additionally, I was a lead worker at the restaurant I worked at in high school. I’ve always loved the idea of entrepreneurship but after working for the weekends this semester, I am craving something more meaningful and I am starting to get serious. Ideally, I will be working for myself one day.

As of right now, I would love to help out someone who is looking to expand their operation. I would prefer to be in a bigger city. I go to a state school in the South and I am dying to live somewhere bigger. (PS I am vaccinated) Also, I would be open to working remotely.

I think being thrown in the weeds and learning on the spot would be an amazing experience. I want to know everything I can about this area and I love to put in work. I am a junior Industrial Engineering student who can code at an intermediate level.

Please let me know if you have something in mind.

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