Faster Shipping Ideas!

You know how Amazon literally created it's own shipping service? I love those gray and blue prime trucks/vans that always get my packages to me on time lol. I don't personally know anyone who could truly complain about them.

I have heard of so many people saying that UPS/FedEx are making so much that they don't actually care if someone's package gets lost or is delivered super late. I feel the same way. And USPS….has it's own issues lol. Don't even get me started.

I'm about ready to grab some other ecommers in here and we can band together to create our own transit service that will be unique to shipping only eCommerce and small businesses on Shopify's packages. 📦 It has the potential to be awesome if we structure it like prime shipping does. Thoughts??

I've also been looking into making passive income generating leads online. I'm so done dealing with customers who complain about shipping issues and there is nothing I can do. I end up eating the cost of a ton of lost merchandise.

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